The children living in the Orphanage/Boarding School in Mupa are in desperate need of a source of fresh, clean water. It is so imperative that a water well be dug on site for them.

Will you help?

Please contribute towards the digging of a well at the Orphanage/Boarding School so the children will have a dependable source of fresh water.

Current Issues

  1. The only source of fresh water for the children living in Mupa is the local river. The water in the river, however, is contaminated by deadly bacteria. The bacteria in this water cause sickness, disease and death.
  2. In order to obtain water, the children must walk 7 km to the river and back. Many of the older children make this trip 3-4 times a day in the intense heat balancing heavy water jugs on top of their heads.
  3. Once the water is brought to the Orphanage/Boarding School, it is filtered through a filtering system. But often the system stops working because parts wear out or break. At that point, there’s no way of fixing the system so the children are faced with consuming contaminated water.

In 2019, the local river dried up completely due to a severe, prolonged drought.
This left the children at the Orphanage/Boarding School, and those living in the village of Mupa, without water.

No water! No crops! No food!