The first cases of covid in Angola were reported on March 21, 2020. As of July 2, 2020, there have been 291 active cases. Ninety-seven of those infected have recovered and 15 have passed away. At the beginning of March, the Angolan government instituted the same types of lockdown restrictions as are in place here in Canada.

We rejoice that God answered our prayers for the safety of our special Hope and Angels children. He has kept them covered with His shield of protection. All 124 of them are healthy at this time.

During the covid restrictions, our Hope and Angels children have been unable to attend school. Our children in Mupa are staying in quarantine at the Orphanage/Boarding School. They are spending their time planting, weeding and caring for a large vegetable garden. The children in Luanda are in isolation at their homes. However, Hope and Angels volunteers are keeping in touch with them and assessing the needs of both the children and their families.

We continue to stand on God’s promises for the safety of the children:

“The Lord is your keeper. The Lord is your shade at your right hand.
The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night.
The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul.
The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in,
From this time forth and even forevermore.”
Psalm 121: 5-8


Highlights of Esperanca’s Recent Trip to Angola

  1. Esperanca and a team of volunteers had the joy of interacting with the children at the Missao de Mupa as well as the children in the Community Program in Luanda from October 16 to November 22, 2019.
  2. They met with teachers in Mupa and Luanda to discuss goals, initiatives, needs and challenges facing the children who are cared for by Hope and Angels Foundation.
  3. The team engaged in strategic discussions with Pastor Jacob from the Republic of Namibia. Dialogue focused on:
    • digging a water well and installing solar panels at the Orphanage/Boarding School in Mupa
    • agricultural initiatives -- establishing viable forms of sustainable income (i.e. garden vegetables, bakery, poultry/eggs)
    • education -- offering high school scholarships to attend a boarding school in Namibia to children from the Missao de Mupa once they complete Grade 9
  4. Donations and supplies were delivered to severely disadvantaged children in the Province of Huila (located 16 km from Lubango, Angola)

Esperanca and a team of volunteers plan to visit the children in Mupa and Luanda as soon as international travel resumes. It is hoped that this visit will take place sometime in 2020. But due to the pandemic, travel plans are on hold at this time.


A mother cried out to Hope and Angels Foundation for a wheelchair for her 12 year old daughter, Claudia. Stricken with meningitis at an early age, Claudia is now unable to walk or talk. The mother was no longer able to carry her daughter on her back to physiotherapy sessions. In desperation, she sent out a plea that fell on the compassionate ears of Hope and Angels volunteers. Generous donours answered the call and a wheelchair was delivered to the child’s home in Angola. This mother now beams with delight every day when she is able to put Claudia into a wheelchair and push her to her physiotherapy appointments. It’s the mother’s hope that one day her daughter will be able to walk again.

Esperanca and Cidalia Lopes, member of the Board of Directors, recently appeared on OMNI TV News in Toronto. They were interviewed by TV host, Sergio Mourato, concerning Claudia’s situation and needs.


Thank you Hope and Angels donours!! Due to your generosity, Paulo in Luanda has a chance for a brighter tomorrow. It was a Hope and Angels volunteer who first came in contact with Paulo. He was 15 years old and on the streets of Luanda. He was begging for food and trying to polish shoes in order to make a small amount of money. Paulo’s life was full of rejection and abuse due to his physical appearance. He had been enrolled in school. But he was severely bullied by his peers and this forced him to discontinue his schooling. In addition, his father lost his job and was no longer able to pay for Paulo’s school fees.

A Hope and Angels volunteer recognized that Paulo needed medical assistance. Donours reached out to Paulo and covered the cost of his medical bills. Now he has a hopeful future -- he’s returning to school in order to fulfill his dream of achieving his academic goals.

Paulo before surgery

Paulo after surgery