Mission of Mupa Orphanage & Boarding School

located in the Province of Cunene in Southern Angola

Presently, the Foundation is supporting 67 children who are residents of the Mission of Mupa Orphanage (Missao de Mupa). This Mission is run by the holy sisters of Mupa and is supported by the Hope and Angels Foundation. Several of these children have been physically/sexually abused and some of them are victims of human trafficking. This orphanage is located in the Province of Cunene, an area of Angola known to have severe drought conditions resulting in great hunger among the people living there. The only water source for the area is the local river. The water flowing in the river, however, is contaminated by deadly bacteria that lead to deaths in the community. Children are particularly vulnerable to the illnesses (and death) caused by drinking this contaminated water.

Hope and Angels Foundation began supporting the children at the Mupa Orphanage in 2009. Since that time, these children have been provided with clothes, shoes and two meals each day. In addition, the Foundation gives these children the opportunity to receive an education which is something that’s extremely difficult for most children of Angola to achieve. All of this is possible because of the very generous donations the Foundation receives from its faithful donors.

In 2015, the Foundation received a water treatment system, capable of filtering 200 liters/hour, and 10 individual emergency water filters. Now that water at the Orphanage is being filtered, illnesses and fatalities from contaminated water have been reduced. It is the goal of the Foundation, however, to have a well dug at the Orphanage. This well would provide potable water for the children as well as the residents of the community. Even though the Orphanage has a water treatment system, the children are required to walk 7 km every morning to get water from the river. This water is then filtered for their consumption. If a well was established at the Orphanage, the children would no longer face the arduous task of walking daily in the intense heat to get the water they need. It is the goal of Hope and Angels Foundation to raise $10,000 Cdn. to have this well established.

In 2017, three income-generating projects were initiated at the Orphanage. The children learned how to care for chickens, grow vegetables, and bake bread. The children are now involved in selling their commodities -- eggs, vegetables, and loaves of bread -- to residents in the community. These three enterprises give the children a means by which they can generate some income for the Orphanage.