Welcome to Hope & Angels Foundation!

Hope and Angels Foundation is a non-profit, developmental, humanitarian organization aimed at
bettering the living conditions of desperately disadvantaged children in Angola

Our History

The Foundation was established in 2016 by Esperanca and Jose Alfico who were both born in Angola. Esperanca experienced first-hand the struggles and despairs of a child living in poverty in this African nation. She vividly recalls lonely, desperate nights as an orphan sleeping on the streets with no food or water to sustain her. Hungry and unsure of her future, Esperanca travelled from province to province in Angola seeking work as a migrant. As she travelled from place to place, she desperately searched for love and acceptance as well as sustenance.

Our Goal

Actively working towards reducing the effects of poverty experienced by disadvantaged children in Angola. Providing food, shelter, clothing, and education to vulnerable children ages 3 to 15.

Our Mission

Advocating for children to ensure they have a brighter future, receive education, and live in a loving, caring, protective environment. God has called us to love our neighbours as ourselves (Matthew 22:39). It's our mission to demonstrate the love of God every time we advocate for a precious child.

Our Vision

Offering dignity and hope to Angolan children by providing them with their basic needs. Also educating and assisting communities in establishing viable forms of sustainable income (i.e. garden vegetables, bakery, poultry/eggs.)

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is a registered charitable organization
#77843 9695 RR0001